Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hello Fall

Seasons changed, time changed, and people have changed. Gawd I love watching nature die. it really is a beautiful sight to see all the colors that come from it. It really makes dying look like a rainbow of happiness. This is my favorite time for photography. And it is going to be the best this year since I will be on a cross country trip. I can't wait. 16 days and I will be leaving. This weeked was pretty awesome for the most part. I didn't game at all until today. Was a good break. On Saturday we had a yard sale to get rid of a LOT of our crap for the move... plus we made a shitload of money. YAY! Last night I took my evil spawn trick or treating. She finally got the concept even thought she just wanted to take her costume off. Her wings kept hitting her in the head so we had to double wing her and tie the string up front so they would stop falling. Once we started walking around the neighborhood she figured out if you walk to someones door they give you candy, and she said thank you to ever person without me having to tell her to say thank you. She really had lots of fun.

She wouldn't stay still for a picture. lol I think I have better ones on my digital, but I am too lazy to upload right now.

Now I finally got to play a few rounds tonight. It was the first time I EVER went negative on Shipment on HC HQ. I am more then sick of COD 4. I am so glad the new game drops in a few days.
It got me thinking though. I own every copy of COD. I don't even know why I own these things. I bought 2 to play with Tango Down, and well that was short lived. One of this shittiest clans I have played with, and boy they are filled with a shit load of hypocrites. But that is a different story. Anywhoot. I own these, played them, and I don't anymore. World at War I only play Zombies, and well I am sooo sick of 4 I am going to start using it as a Dr. Pepper coaster. I own like 20 other games, some still in the wrapper, and I haven't even played them. so I think this last week before MW2 drops I am going to try and actually attempt to play these games. Like I am going to beat Portal again, play N3, maybe catch up on some Mass Effect and Viva Pinata. I feel horrible for spending money on these games and I don't even play them. I think I may give some away before I leave, or atleast turn them in to get some credit at GS, I have enough games I could probably buy a MW2 xbox with them. *ponders* I should do that. So anyways, I played tonight, was doing goo at first then bam started playing like shit. Got so pissed I left a match on Shipment. I never do that. I give up on trying to get my gold cross. This time I know not to wait forever to start prestiging. lol.

I saw Paranormal Activity on Halloween night too!!! and ZOMGBBQSRSLY! Freaking awesome movie. and for those of you who plan on seeing it, it is worth it, and for those of you who think it is real or based on real events, it isn't. It was a movie filmed in 2006. Search for it on It isn't real. It was a film students project. But it was still and awesome movie. It is a must see for people who like scary movies.

Well time for me to call it a night. IT has been an exhausting weekend, and this has been a day that has really taken a toll on me. So good night interwebz, and sleep tight.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Takin it old school

Well first I have to start with what happened yesterday. But I will need to back track a little. Everyone in my house has an iPhone, except my daughter. She knows how to work it, she is always taking someones, and playing her games and such. Well a few months back my iPhone ended up in the washer. I cried like a bitch, and had to go waste my upgrade through AT&T and spend $300 on the same fuckin phone to replace it. (talk about an irate customer! It's called fuckin insurance) Anyways, 300$ later I got a new replacement phone, which seems to be the leader of all malfunctions of my damn phone. Anyways, its a phone and it doesn't it's purpose most the time. So I kept my other 600$ wet paper eight, put it back in it's box totally convinced that I had fried it when it ended up going for a swim in my dirty laundry. Well my evilness was trying to get my iPhone boxes, and I was like screw it, I'll let her play with the broken one, then she realized it was broken and kept saying "mama phone broken". I was like "damn! busted". She then ran out and got "Nani's" phone (my mother). I thought... hey what the hell, I'll try and plug it in, and bam! It freakin turned on.

I was screaming in excitement, and then pissed cause I wasted $300 and my chance for the 3GS.... Well I decided to keep it since it still works, just can't place calls. But now my evil 2 year old child had her own iPhone. Spoiled much?

Anywhoot, on today's happy stuff. So as you all know I am in the process of moving to Arizona. Well today we started working on the garage (again), since we have had boxes stacked up in there since we moved here that have yet to been open, and we are having a garage sale this weekend to get rid of the shit. So going through the boxes this is what I come across.Yes! Thats right. 4 of my original GameBoys and a Sega Game Gear and 2 Sega Genesis consoles. So of course i am not selling these bad boys! But I tested them all and they still work, which I was shocked they did. And While everyone else was still going through shit in the garage I sat in the drive way playing Kirby's Dreamland.
And i have spent most the night plaing other games like Super Mario Land 2, and Tom & Jerry Frantic Antics. Yes, this sooo takes me back, and I think it is totally awesome my parents have kept these throughout the years, and they still work. My Mom came in earlier tonight and started laughing at me cause I was playing the gameboy instead of my Xbox. lol

So for those of you have been my Myspace friend since the beginning, like when I had one of the first 800 accounts, knew I was a major fan sign whore. Well I found ALL the fan signs I made for people back in DIV SPace days and such, I am showing Shanda's cause I know she will get a giggle out of this.
I plan on uploading all the pics of them to a photobucket some everyone can see them. I swear I will get to it eventually.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


OK It is now time to get into the good shit... I guess it is what you could call it. Like I said before I am moving back west. I am going back to Arizona, and ZOMG BBQ! I am sooooo damn excited. I will be leaving here on the 17th of Nov. I will be taking a break from the gaming world for about 2 weeks, well at least under my gamer tag. I will have my xbox and laptop with me of course. Not like I will be missing much, since I am a casual member still. I hardly play with anyone from PMS.
I am just a fan sign picture whore too. I have such a collection which totally rawks my effin socks off. So anyways I am finally Leaving North Carolina and going back "home". It has been almost 2 years since I have been back to even visit, and almost 3 years since I have lived there when everything came crashing down.

Ok so today get this shit.... This is a perfect example of my tax dollars going to something freaking great..... I live in a fairly good neighborhood, and my dad comes back from the store, walks in the house and says "what the fuck is with all the cops outside?" Look outside and there are atleast 15 cop cars at the end of our yard, and they have 4 guys in handcuffs. Then about 10 min after that while sitting in the garage smoking, we see 6 police dogs walk by and they are canvasaing between the houses on our street. My dad goes to ask the cops what is going on and should we be worried, you know... for our saftey, the cops are total fuckin assholes and say "nothin is wrong, just a missing person" so my mom asks well should we be worried, cause there is no Amber alerts out and the cops simply blows them off and says don't worry about it. Well it, you are in my neighborhood where there are other kids besides my own, and you have search dogs out, 4 guys sitting on the curb in the rain and you say don't worry about it. WTF. It is your job to protect and serve.....

Gawd I don't even want to get into politics right now.... Gawd I hate this state.

Anyways, I believe it is time to close this one. It is time for me to go ahead and jump on some Call of Duty again, since earlier some noob pissed me off on Shipment.... so until tomorrow. <3

It Officially begins

Ok I don't know what is my right fuckin mind made me want to start a blog again, but hell, we will see how long this will last. I think I just had this sudden urge because I have come across so much random shit, and a lot of people don't understand my randomness or my bluntness, and well here I can explain it.

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Sami, Bang Bang, or PMS Bang Bang. Yes I play video games, no I am not 400 pounds, and I don't have fat thumbs. I play Call of Duty... a lot. Ok I don't play a lot as in some virgin living in their mother's basement playing WoW, but I do play around 5-6 hours a day. Sometimes I don't even realize I have played that long. Yes I play other games as well, like Left 4 Dead, Assassins Creed, Viva Pinata, Pable II, Tomb Raider, blah blah blah.... And I play a few MMO's on PC. I am an Xbox girl. All the way. I have a Wii, but I hate it, it tells me I keep gaining weight by sitting on my xbox and snacking while playing, and my Playstation 3 just seems to heat up my entire living room. I have yet to find a game worth owning on that damn system, but holy batman, Blu Ray looks fantastic because of it.

I am a software developer, and yes I code. And again, yes I am too lazy to code something for this blog. I saw this... it had a gun... it goes BANG!, and I was sold. Ehhh... If this lasts more then a week then I will start to design a layout for it. Give me some credit though... At least I put a music player there so you have something to constantly click on. I am always finding new music I totally love, and I am sure my twitter followers get tired of me posting music on there.

OMG! I am a mom too! Yes... I have an evil Spawn. Her name is Dalilah. She just turned 2. Yes she is Evil, and yes she will beat the shit out of your kids. She's like me... she doesn't take shit from anyone... not even from me. That is what you call a true gangsta right there.

So I live in this place in North Carolina full of Army people. I don't mind it I really don't.... ok I soooo just fuckin lied. I hate this god forsaken place. Too many damn trees for me. I am a west coast girl, and by-golly I am on my way back there in less then 3 weeks. I have been here for over 2 years, and I don't know how the hell my parents bribed me to move here... Ahhh the joys of being a military brat. It's not a fond thing to addmit, but it is what has molded me into the bitch I am today. And if you don't like it you will learn to apperciate it. It is good for something in life.

I guess this is what I have for now. Hopefully I can get more readers and such.... woot woot!

This is where I begin

There have been plenty of times I have tried blogging, and yet have failed. But now that I have this wonderful iPhone I can pretty much do it from anywhere! So like anyone is reading this right now, please bear with me while I customize this wonderful site, and I will get to work on my honesty.